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GRUMESTEAD IX  Home World of  -  Baron "Elroke E. L. Fon Grumesteed" 

The Starport in Grume System is a hodgepodge of the most vile & very virtuous; bars, brothels and businesses. The great gem is 'Shamus O'Mally's Shipyards' that spans from the Starport to the Naval Base - "Grumefort"; which runs the tight & tidy system security. Shady entertainment can be found at 'Guido's (Gaming & Hostel). "Doc Mender" runs the gruesome - 'Mender Clinic'; Human body parts & organ trade. There is a Gas Giant which ships can fuel up for free! But, attempted planet fall on "Grumestead" for water-fuel theft is strictly prohibited.

Grumestead is just slightly bigger than 1/2 Earth size, has a thin but breathable atmosphere, a goodly amount of water - making for pleasant & calm weather patterns. Small, tough plants grow readily in the good seasons which are very long. These plants sustain fairly diverse animal and insect life and help to make it a good world to grow the hardier grains, fruits & vegetables on. 

Solar farms are seen everywhere and is the energy of choice for most. There are quite a few towns and villages, but only two cities with more than a million people. These booming metropolises are leading the way for economic and industrial development; a brisk trade in artistic craft, luxury goods and component parts for starships and such, although the 'O'Mally's Shipyards' hold a monopoly on jump engines. The cities have a long running fission energy program. The Noble Mounted Grumetroopers (NMGt) keep the peace and uphold the Noble Grumernment, they do not tolerate any loitering, flouting or breaches of the law (Death if caught with any type of firearm. Jail if caught with a melee weapon; even a knife!)

Unfortunately the Previous charismatic dictator; ( the wicked but fine ) Dame "Joan E. L. Grumesteed the III" -- 'Knight of the Church of the Eviscerated Virgins' was killed { drugged / drown / toilet water found in lungs }. Dedi Thugs; elite off-world assassin squads are suspected of the high crime - but remain at large > Presumed: [off-world/sans-system/out-sector].

Luckily a replacement in the Noble House of Grume was able to be found; ( The naughty Noble ) Baron "Elroke E. L. Fon Grumesteed" -- 'A young (1st born) Noble enrolled in the elite High Guard College of Ursa Minor'. An official & hasty ascension ceremony was preformed to install the man-child into Grumernment and take on the mantle of Leadership of Grumestead IX. The callous young bourgeoisie reprobate immediately abandoned his office; leaving the day to day grind of running the planet to the Aznauri, Bureaucrats & Civilian Serfs. Grumetroopers; swat & shock troops (riot control) - were unleashed to bring the rustic plebs and pseudo intellectual proletariat under the Grumes iron thumb. 

The lackadaisical Baron spent his time between Starport (gambling & wenching) and planet-side; extravagant party at the Palatial Manors of the dearly departed 'St. Joan' - that quite often devolved into brawling orgies; both comical and bizarre! Once in long a while he would tear himself out of the drugged & drunken stupor long enough to make an appearance at a festival, official dinner function or ribbon cutting ceremony. During one of these remarkable revival of mental faculties he managed to intervene in the interception & capture of an 'Y' class Lux-Starship called the "Merry Mermaid" seizing it for illegal planet-fall and water/fuel theft. (He spaced the pirate captain & officers, the rest of the crew went to asteroid prison!)

He rechristened the yacht "Cassiopeia's Climax"; hired an all female crew of specific attributes and abilities. He redoubled his debaucherous playboy lifestyle with a gusto seldom seen in many sectors of space. Elroke was past over many times for an elevated noble rank, serving 7 terms with no promotion. At 46 years of age he was forced to relinquish the leadership role of Grumestead IX.

Without the the "Nob-Job" (as he liked to call it), he finds fortune has left; little ready cash or credit and a Y class Starship to fuel, berth and maintain. (A bloody great, hulking metal albatross around his foolish neck.) "Elroke Fon Grumesteed" must resign himself to the distasteful task of hiring a mostly new crew from the odorous unwashed common masses, men and women of ugly demeanor, low moral fibre and little ability, skill or manners of any account.

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