Monday, 5 September 2011

Mutant Post from Metamorphosis Alpha

Mark was very kind to post on Google+: a first mutant perspective of his 1st sojourn through the duralloy decks and plasti-steel streets of the Colony Star Ship "CSS SEGURELLIA"; damaged by an alien radiation field, lost in time & space with genome plague IV culling the remaining inhabitants...

Ulek Xek (Mark)  - Yesterday 01:52 - Limited
Metamorphosis Alpha - The Steven O'Flux Experiment
    Having purchased Gamma World the day it was originally released, I have always wanted to play Metamorphosis Alpha.  That was 1978. Today in 2011 I finally played in my first official game of MA.
'429' a Genetically Altered?
       Mutant Lionoid awoke from its long dream and encountered a world of of wonder and danger. There he met Den and Harris, a pair of humans free from any taint, who had just crawled from their tubes. The unlucky Al another human, was instantly turned to white dust upon opening a drawer. Wide berth was then given to Al's section of the room. Hungry and confused the surviving trio gathered clothes, weapons and supplies as they set out to recover their past. A fight with a mongreloid set to feast upon 429, was pacified and restrained. Using long lost technology a working lift was uncovered. 429 was pleased to once again hear the God Voice of Denver Manilow the thought teacher and his Musak in the moving room. Minutes later the team entered a huge complex of massive buildings, with an artificial sky that blinked and sputtered with a pixelated and oddly colored sun. Seeking refuge from a band of bellicose beastmen and food, they hid in a nearby building and barricaded themselves within. An security protocol was activated and a machine man arrived to confront the strangers. 429 hid as he could sense danger. Den and Harris spoke with the security droid and warned it of the threat from the beastmen. They were scolded for moving the hotel's furniture without permission as the machine transformed into a living weapon and zipped off to deal with the beast menace. The sounds of battle and screams were heard in the distance as the team thought about their next move.
      Good fun.

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  1. Thanks Mark; for letting me re-post this neat slice of PC thought...

    SEG aka O'flux