Friday, 2 September 2011

BLOG-O-DUNGEON (aka Lotto of Death)

Greetings Rune-Seekers,

So you may be wondering what the Dungeon staircase and background grid is for, right?

Whenever I get a new member to my blog I will be rolling on the Random dungeon generation from the first edition Dungeon Masters Guide (Appendix A, pg. 169-173) and adding a tile or two to the background grid!

In honor of my first Rune-Seeker; "Timeshadows"

My first (d20) roll on 'TABLE I.: PERIODIC CHECK' is a 19;
                                   Trick/Trap(VII), Passage continues 30'.

Rolling (d20) on 'TABLE VII.: TRICK/TRAP' got an 8;
                            Pit, 10' deep with spikes, 3 in 6 to fall in!

Roll (1d6) for "Timeshadows" ! .... 4 ... yeah! ... your safe.

Well thats good I'v lost so many Rascals that way. ;0)
Halls & Walls

Room & Fills
Room Tiles
Shapes & Fillers

These Tiles were made by me when I was a teenager back in the early 80's

I used them with lead miniatures, of which, I had less than a score(20).

I don't Know where I got the Idea for them could of been an ad in the Dragon or saw some such tiles in 'Fandom' my FLGS in Ottawa.
They were all drawn freehand on graph paper and inked afterwards.
I'm dusting them off for use on the blog 30 plus years later!


  1. I'm glad I survived. That sounds like it would have been painful.
    --I better recruit more subscribers before your next lotto-of-death.